Today was the start of my second series of Chemotherapy. The first series had been entirely carried out on Waddington Ward, however today was the first time I had done this as an outpatient. The difference being that I first had to attend the doctor's surgery where I had my blood tested for my  INR. … Continue reading Outpatient 

Valcade – Side Effects

Today I am due to have the fourth dose of Valcade part of my VCD chemotherapy regime. As yet I have not experienced any side-effects from this treatment, save for a slight rash at the injection point in my stomach.  Long may this continue. Even so there are some potential side-effects and so these are … Continue reading Valcade – Side Effects

Chemotherapy (VCD) – Basics

Information here is taken from various booklets received by me and interpreted in a non-expert way - they should not be taken in any other context than my own - possibly muddle opinions. Chemotherapy is not a single thing. It is not a static process but a dynamic one which combines different drugs taken over … Continue reading Chemotherapy (VCD) – Basics