Having been overseas for three years and having no intention of returning to Britain, it has been quite a shock to the system to be back here. Now, as we adjust to the reality, we are in the process of rebuilding our UK lives. Anita has secured her old job in Milton Keynes (in fact [...]



This weekend has been a normal weekend in that it has been a weekend of doing normal things.  You might well wonder what is normal when you have spent much of the past three years, as I have in Tanzania? Actually not that different to the UK. it's been a normal weekend inasmuch as it [...]

Wired to the World

I am stuck in a side ward a room no bigger than 5m by 3m at it's biggest. The outbreak of vomiting virus means that I have not been out of the room for almost 5 days. It would be very easy to go 'stir crazy' in here. In fact since Maunday Thursday (April 13th) [...]