Last Valcade

This morning I have reached a milestone. I am here at Ingham Suite for my last Valcade Injection. This is the chemotherapy drug which I have been taking twice a week for the past three months. For once I didn't need to have my bloods done, this has quickened the whole process.  Monday's trip to … Continue reading Last Valcade

New Routine….Same Wait

Chemo routine subtly changed. Still Tuesdays and  Fridays Still Bloods to be taken Still Valcade to inject Same observations. Same Questions  Numbness? Hearing? Walking? Buttons? Location changed Clinic 7 to Ingham Fast through Clinic 7 Same long wait at Ingham Staff down  Nurses short Pharmacy slow Some things don't change. Waiting.

Chemotherapy (VCD) – Basics

Information here is taken from various booklets received by me and interpreted in a non-expert way - they should not be taken in any other context than my own - possibly muddle opinions. Chemotherapy is not a single thing. It is not a static process but a dynamic one which combines different drugs taken over … Continue reading Chemotherapy (VCD) – Basics