Getting Off Of The Couch

About ten years ago I was running 5K on a regular basis. I had started as part of a plan to reduce my weight and lost over 5 stone over a nine month period. I was regularly running Park Run and my fastest run was just over 27 mins. By early 2013 I was running up to 10K as part of preparation for a World Challenge trip to Vietnam and improve my fitness.

Park Run in 2013
Close to the Finish Line Park Run in 2013

I continued to run when we went to live in Tanzania in 2014 although the heat and the height made this more challenging.

It was in 2016 I began to notice aches and pain in my back which in retrospect were early signs of the oncoming Myeloma. This put paid to my running, within a year I had my diagnosis and returned to England.

So it is that I have not run for about 5 years. In fact four months ago I was even struggling to walk any great distance. I spent much of my time lying on the couch in the day and my weight was back to the almost 19st (120kg) I was pre-2012.

The effects of regular dialysis have been amazing my weight is back to 15st (96kg) more importantly my health has improved dramatically. I have much more energy. The effect of the recent antibiotics to tackle blood poisoning also finished off my Covid cough so my fitness has also improved.

So a fortnight ago I began the Couch to 5K running program. It’s early days but a combination of running and walking has begun which will lead to me running 5K in 30mins at the end of Week 9.

The distance is a little longer than that from my house around a local lake and back again. I am 10 years older and a lot less fit than I was but I am making progress. It’s good to be running again even if in 90 sec bursts at the moment. It’s time to get off of the couch.

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