Cutting The Lawn

It’s a small thing – probably something that most of you have done already this year. Certainly the lawn needed a good trim. However, for me it is a sign of a return to normality.

Since last summer I really have not had the energy to contemplate much in the way of housework let alone the garden. My deteriorating health following Covid in September followed by the various operations leading to the formation of two fistulas (one of which failed), then the blood poisoning last month meant that I had little energy.

However, three and a half weeks in to the new regime with my new fistula I am beginning to regain my energy.

In recent weeks I have begun cooking again (I was generally the main cook in the family prior to all of this) and done small amounts of general housework. However until now a combination of poor health and poor weather has put the garden off limits. Thankfully today that taboo has been broken.

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