‘Done and Dusted‘

I have just returned to my room having had my first four hour dialysis in my new fistula. This fistula fitted on the 13th Jan performed really well for 9 weeks. The whole process was very smooth. The annoying thing is that for almost five hours (I’ll explain the extra hour later) I had To keep my arm completely stationary. However, the application of adhesive tape, suitably positioned pillows for neck and arm and pre-positioned tech including headphones (seen here after dialysis) made it a lot easier.

The photo above was taken after dialysis!

Starting at the beginning I was in my room just before 11am when two nurses came in. These dialysis nurses were here to check the fistula and almost immediately I was being moved to the dialysis bay in my bed (tech and all!)

I assumed that I would be dialysed with a single needle on this occasion but given the strength of the fistula they were willing to go with two. They set me up for four hours and removing four litres of fluid. With the diseased Tesio line removed there was no danger in spreading the infection.

As part of the dialysis they could take any bloods they needed (no more needles) and also ‘injected’ into the machine any meds, initially heparin – a blood thinner to prevent clotting, iron – for anaemia, Epprex- for boosting red blood cells. In addition they administered the antibiotic (Fluxolacillin).

Everything was going smoothly but about ten minutes from the end I was informed that the doctors would be sending me home soon. To facilitate this they were change the antibiotics. This new drug (whose name escapes me) could be administered over half an hour during dialysis. This drug would be administered every time I had dialysis rather than twice daily for six weeks.

The only problem was that this meant as dialysis was about to finish and the only way to administer was via the needles in my arm – using the machine. This meant an additional half an hour hooked up to the machine, completely motionless.

Fistula – top centre left and bandages centre right for wounds created by needles

I found out now that I will be monitored tonight and all being well sent home tomorrow. So much less than the two to six weeks I was told at the start.

The bug remains rampant in my blood stream. Each night since this all began I have woken up in the middle of the night soaked in sweat due to my own bodies attempt to tackle the bug. I am not ‘out of the woods’ yet but so so so much better than I was when I got here.

I plan to remain cautious and will take an extra week’s sick leave. I would to return to ‘Square One’ or even ‘Square Zero’!

One last thing – I had my first proper ‘full length’ shower this morning in almost 10 weeks – Pure Bliss!