I have been admitted to MKUH following a bout of gastroenteritis which left me feeling very unwell.

It possibly started on Monday when my Tesier Line became very sore. The first symptoms came Wednesday when during dialysis I suddenly became extremely cold and started shivering uncontrollably. This lasted quite a while and led to body spasming and teeth chattering.

I returned home and went to bed. I decided to take the day off work, a decision that was good in hindsight as I unfortunately vomited up the Beechams Lemon I took first thing. My stomach remained upset all day and I became Feverish.

I took a second day off work feeling weak and thoroughly unwell. I started to have diarrhoea. I returned to dialysis in the evening but during dialysis I started shivering and shaking again. This concerned the nurses so much they insisted I go to A&E to get treatment and to put me on a course of antibiotics. They took a blood culture from my line and also from my arm.

From A&E I was admitted to Ward 15, where I remain. During my stay I have been put on a combination of different antibiotics as well as paracetamol. The nausea has subsided and I am starting to eat again. However my blood pressure has dropped to very low levels (75/80 at one point today). They are advising me to drink plenty of waster despite my CKD as I need to raise the blood pressure.

It turns out that the Tesio Line has become infected (blood culture) and it needs to be removed. Continuing to dialyse with an infected line will just control spread the disease around my body.

My fistula however seems mature enough to be used if needs be even if the Line is removed ahead of schedule. I am likely to be here for a few more days yet.

2 thoughts on “Infection

  1. Crikey Graham! What a week!

    Hope you start to feel much better soon…. Sending prayers, love, and a virtual hug your way!


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