It was all going so smoothly and then…

I have got into a routine. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I head off to MKUH at about 5:30pm for dialysis. Generally I am on from about 6:30pm until 10:30pm. The exception is Monday where generally I am on fom 7:00pm to 11:00pm.

During my 4 hours dialysis I will listen to music or watch iPlayer. The process is routine – no issues to report other than weight loss – which is a good tbing as I am now 98.5kg having lost about 22kg.

Each Monday I take a PCR test for Covid. This has been negative until this week. Today I received notification of a positive test. Today is Day 2 according to Track and Trace.

The implications are as follows.

  • I must self-isolate for at least 6 days ( testing on Days 5 and 6) . If negative on both days I am free to return to work.
  • I must go to Oxford for dialysis until 10 days have passed. Here there are isolation dialysis rooms. Unfortunately the day / time is not guaranteed and the tound trip adds an extra two hours to the process

So the smooth process of the past few weeks is disrupted. All a bit frustrating.