Another Day Another Op

So today I have been back in the Foscote Hospital Banbury. I am here for a second Fistula operation.

The first fistula unfortunately failed after a few dialysis sessions. There was an attempt to repair the fistula on Christmas Eve but this was unsuccessful. So on New Years Eve I had another operation to fit a Tesier Line. This has been used successfully to carry out dialysis and will continue to be used for the intermediate future, whilst my new Fistula matures. Eventually the plan will be to use the new Fistula at which point the Tesier Line will be removed.

The operation has gone well and I am now in recovery- unfortunately I was unable to have general Anaesthetic but had the op under Local Anaesthetic. However, it went well and I enjoyed listening to a series of 80’s electronica throughout the op.

The Foscote is a private hospital contracted to carry out NHS procedures. You definitely have a different level of service. Private room, better good (with options) and personal service.

Dialysis has continued to go smoothly and every other weekday (Mon Wed Fri) I go to The renal unit in MK for a twilight session of 4 hours.

Yesterday was my birthday so it was a bit different to usual, but it was nice to have a meal out at lunchtime with my wife and son at a Pizza Hut. I also had a birthday cake in the evening after my dialysis.

The plan is to go back to work part-time from next week although I will have a sick note which will give me flexibility. However, I do feel ready to get back on with normality.