Reaping the Benefits

I am beginning to see the benefits of regular dialysis. With the Tesier Line Fitted and the pain subsiding the dialysis sessions have gone well.

I have yet to do a 4 hour session- yesterday’s session was shorter as they had had issues with other patients which meant I started an hour later. It wasn’t helped by the fact the hospital was in a lockdown due to antivax protestors who they were trying to keep out. Meaning a rather long walk to the main entrance from my drop off point before we started.

Nonetheless my three and a half hour session went well. I can literally feel the energy coming back during these sessions. I’m much more lively at the end of a session. At home I am more active and less ‘sleepy’ on the couch in the evenings.

The main benefit is sleep – I am getting much better sleep now and wake refreshed. This makes a big difference. Long may this continue.

My appetite is much better although I am still getting bouts of nausea and sometimes can’t keep food down. I am not sure why this is happening as I am otherwise well.

This week I will continue to have afternoon sessions in dialysis before hopefully moving to twilight sessions next week. This will have the added benefit of allowing me (all things being well) to return to work. I have set a tentative date of Jan 14th for a phased return to work- hopefully full time by the 24th Jan.

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