New Year’s Eve

Up at 6am this morning ready to leave the house by 7am for the hours journey to the Churchill. I am back here today to undergo a procedure.

This morning I am being fitted with a Tesier Line. This will enable dialysis in the medium term whilst they create a new Fistula and allow it to mature properly

Sadly my old Fistula failed and cannot be resurrected.

I am first on the list so am prepped for the procedure.They fit me with a cannula and then fit a drip which delivers antibiotic. Then it’s down to the operating theatre. My surgeon explains the procedure.

Like the Hickman Line I had fitted for my Chemotherapy in 2017, a Tesier Line is inserted in the vein in my neck. Tubes are the forced through the vein and then through the skin in a tunnel before emerging in my chest. The hole at the neck is then sewn up. Two tubes are used which will be used to extract and return blood to the body during dialysis.

The whole operation takes about an hour during which time I remain conscious and under local anaesthetic. There is a lot of pushing and pulling as the tubes are forced through their passageway.

During the procedure X-Rays are taken to ensure the tubes are in the correct place and at the end of the procedure I am sent to the X-Ray department for a full scan. Then it’s back to the day unit for monitoring. Later on I will undergo dialysis using my new line. To test it is working properly.

If all goes well I will be out by 6pm and can enjoy New Year’s Eve with family.

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