I was sent home from Churchill hospital at 8:30pm on Christmas Eve. I had completed another 3 and a half hours of dialysis to follow the previous two and a half hours on 23rd December.

Finally I was feeling normal. Better than I had in months. I could feel the energy. We got home about 10pm. Time for a glass of Mulled Wine and then sit down with the family to watch a Christmas Movie (Muppet Christmas Carol) before bedtime.

I slept better than I had for a few weeks – just about 4 hours. Waking early on Christmas morning. I have tried to change my attitude to the lack of sleep. I am determined for to worry about it and not to focus on the time of night. If I am awake just rest, focus on breathing and see what happens – often I end up asleep again.

The itching has subsided, the thirst is much less of an issue and my appetite is back. I ate a full Christmas Dinner (duck with all the trimmings) as well as all the usualChristmas’s great to feel normal again.

Since Christmas Day I have continued to feel fine. I do need to watch my liquid consumption as I am getting swollen ankles but otherwise no ill effects.

Sadly my Fistula is non-functioning. The repair job was unsuccessful and so at some point I will need a new Fistula.

In the short to medium term the only solution is to have a line fitted to my chest. This will be used for dialysis for several months whilst a new fistula is created and left to mature properly.

So on Friday I head back to Churchill at 8am where they will operate to got a chest line. I will then do a four hour dialysis before they release me at 6pm. In time for Nee Years Eve which we hope to spend at my in- laws in nearby Abingdon.

If the dialysis goes well I will be very soon put onto Twilight Sessions in Milton Keynes where life can return to normal again in 2022.

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