Fistula Failure!

My fistula has stoped working! I went for dialysis yesterday and due to the bruising on my arm they needed to do a single needle dialysis.

The bruising was caused during my second dialysis and is due to the Fistula being new and not fully matured.

The problem

With single needle dialysis is that it is prone to clotting and this is exactly what happened two and a half hours into the procedure.

The clot is preventing the Fistula from working and so needs to be cleared. This morning I saw my Renal Consultant and as a result I was sent to Oxford (Churchill Hospital) here I will be admitted and they will attempt through blood thinners to clear the clot.

Failure will mean I need to have a line fitted – similar to the Hickman Line and dialysis achieved through this process.

It is likely I will be kept in overnight and they will attempt procedures tomorrow.