The Longest Night

Today is the winter solstice. The shortest day of the year in terms of daylight. So conversely the longest period of night.

My insomnia continues to be an issue and so for all but 18 minutes of last night I lay awake. You can imagine this ongoing sleep deprivation is shattering.

I have three dialysis sessions now and tomorrow will be my first four hour session. The dialysis itself has been straight forward enough but I have had side effects.

My blood pressure which was for so long so high has dropped dramatically. In the last week my readings have been about 100/63 which is normal enough but for my height and weight rather low.

During dialysis yesterday my BP dropped well below 100 causing vision disturbances and dizziness. I was forced into a reclined position and put on oxygen to assist breathing. A little panicked for a while but thankfully sorted soon enough. The cause was the removal of too much fluid.

In actual fact my BP needs to be slightly elevated if they are to remove some of the excess water in my ankles. So for now I am off all BP meds.

It’s early days but as yet I am not really experiencing the benefits of dialysis. My body is going through changes and it’s taking time to adapt. I am sure in time things will improve but for now I’m holding on.

I am exploring using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to deal with the insomnia which I am confident will deal with the sleeplessness- this alone will make a big difference.

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