Dialysis came early!

A phone call yesterday morning following an email to my nurse invited me in for immediate dialysis. My health had definitely deteriorated in the last couple of days and the vomiting was the ‘straw which broke the camel’s back’

I was asked to come in at 2:30pm – problem no car! Our new car will not arrive before Monday – our old car is dead!. So a taxi was booked.

At 2pm I struggled to the door and got into the taxi. I felt utterly exhausted. Arriving at the hospital I walked to the renal ward – stopping twice for a breath and taking the lift up the one floor. I don’t think I have ever felt so bad.

I was met by the nursing staff and escorted to the dialysis unit. Here a large ward with many bays all occupied by patients.

My weight and blood pressure was taken, I had a MRSA swab taken and then it was time to hook me up. The dialysis machine takes and cleans my blood- removing excess water and waste products as it does. My initial session was to be for two hours and a low rate of extraction in order for me to get used to the process.

Two tubes were attached to the Fistula, one to extract the other to return blood.

As the process began by blood pressure dropped significantly- leading to a little dizziness and the fluid extraction caused cramps in my chest. I also experienced some blurred vision. To counteract this additional saline was added and the pump rate reduced. This being my first dialysis means that tweaks have to be made. Things settle down and the two hours pass.

At 5:30 pm I leave – already feeling a bit better, though tired, and get a taxi home again.

Future sessions will increase by half an hour at a time until it will be 4 hours every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening. This will include New Year’s Eve this year which is a bit of a dampener, but necessary.

I’m told that whilst It BC will take a few sessions to ‘kick in’ that I should start to feel better very soon.

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  1. This is excellent news. I was beginning to become concerned about how ill you were. I am surprised they did not keep you in. I’m also glad that you did not drive yourself.


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