It’s 4:30am. The usual sleep pattern has been followed. An initial hour or two of sleep which is broke at 1am or thereabouts with a trip to the loo and then hours of wakefulness. If I am lucky I might fall asleep again about 6am for an hour or so – but it’s not guaranteed.

How long this insomnia will last is unknown – it is definitely a phase associated with End StaGe Kidney Disease – so I hope and pray that when dialysis starts it will recede.

On that I have a date for Dialysis to start. D- Day for me will be 22nd December if all goes well. Initially this will be in the local hospital (MKUH) and will probably be for two hours at a time twice a week until I get used to the process. I am told it will rise to 4 hours on Monday,Wednesday and Friday evenings.

During these slots I will be trained (along with my wife) to carry out the process myself with a view to switching to Home Dialysis in the long term.

On Tuesday the Sister came to evaluate the house for home dialysis and we have a room that would ‘fit the bill’.

They would carry out the modifications to allow filtered water to enter the room and to install the equipment. The big issue will be storage as there is a lot of equipment and materials which need to be on hand. Some of this will then need to be disposed of as clinical waste.

Apparently we get a reduction in water and electricity rates to offset the increased use of both which is a relief.

At the end of the process- if and when I no longer need dialysis (ie a transplant)then it all gets returned to the original state.

The advantage of Home Dialysis will be flexibility. I could choose to do two hours 5 days a week or if I needed a break more hours in fewer days as I saw fit. This is not possible with hospital dialysis where slots are fixed in time and duration.

Nonetheless it is hospital dialysis to begin with- roll on the 22nd December!

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  1. So glad to hear you have a date to start dialysis. Praying for you as you wait, and that it will bring the relief you need Graham.


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