How Things Stand! – Big Changes On the Way

I haven’t been well for some time it seems. Since May my Kidney Function has fallen over a cliff. So much so that yesterday I travelled to the Renal Dialysis Assessment Unit at Churchill Hospital. This appointment was part of a process to Fast-Track me towards dialysis.

I arrived just after 1pm and was promptly seen by a nurse. They carried out an ultrasound scan on my right arm. They were assessing the suitability of my veins for making a Fistula.

A Fistula is formed by joining together a vein and an artery to make a stronger blood vessel. It’s purpose is to provide a robust conduit for haemodialysis.

Six weeks later dialysis will start – probably at New Year. This will involve three visits to Oxford every week for four hours of dialysis. In all a six hour round trip including travel!

Eventually I would hope to transfer to a more local hospital. With luck I will be able to get twilight sessions (7pm – 11pm) which would enable me to continue working. Even so there are going to be disruptive changes to our lives.

In dialysis the blood is removed and cleaned externally, whilst sitting in bed for approximately 4 hours.

The impact is most likely to be on my work. The nuclear option is to resign my job at Christmas. The least impactful would be to continue to hold down a full-time job and juggle the dialysis (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday). Most probably I will need to go for something in between but there are implications.

One option is to take early retirement- claim my pension.

A slightly better option would be to take early retirement but then gain part-time work. It may be possible to do this as one of my friends has done and gain re-employment at the same workplace on part-time basis

Today I began the process by speaking to my Head of Faculty. I will need to consult the Teacher Pensions Advisor over half term then look towards big changes in the New Year.

I was phoned at lunchtime by both Oxford and MK hospitals regarding the same issue. I am severely anaemic. I am being put on to a drug to boost my red blood cells. This afternoon I popped into MKUH for an injection op for the first of these.

All this is down to one thing and one thing only My kidney is not is a good way.

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