Combatting the Kidney Crusher!

When I started this blog in 2017. The principle manifestation of the Myeloma seemed to be orthopaedic ie related to my bones – I had developed lesions in various bones indicative of the actions of the Myeloma over the previous months. Hence, the title of the Blog was Battling the Bone Breaker. In truth, the longer lasting legacy has not been on my bones but on my kidney (I only ever had one kidney!!)

The cancer has long remained in remission, the bones have been partially repaired and are not an issue. My kidney, however is a different story. So this blog title is probably more accurate.

After 4 years of stability, albeit at a low functioning level, my renal system took a turn for the worst in May, when I was briefly hospitalised. I initially put this down to dehydration but sadly thing have not improved since.

Over the summer I began to notice a more prominent metallic taste, an echo of the early symptoms of March 2017. I started to get nausea, and noticed this was particularly prominent a couple of days after a BBQ. Then I began being more sickly and became aware that this was definitely related to the consumption of meat (particularly red meat). This in turn led to me becoming Virtually Vegetarian. Something I never thought I would do. As time has progressed I have realised that the occasional meat dish is OK but I really do have to watch how much and how often. Talking with my Renal consultant confirmed that the meat produced high levels of Creatinine- this is not good for me as my kidney cannot remove it. Thus the nausea!

Other symptoms include continuous all over itching, day and night, swollen ankles and regular trips to the loo at night.

All in all these are not good signs and have resulted in some fast tracking towards dialysis.

Today I am meeting with nurses at the Churchill in Oxford who are assessing me for a Fistula. This is a joining together of a vein and artery in one arm which will be used to carry out the dialysis long term.

Today is just an assessment- the op will follow in a few weeks and then after more 6 weeks (assuming things go well) dialysis will start. It’s going to be a bit of a change which I will be able to explain in more detail in a subsequent post!

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