Day 10

Today is the last day of Covid isolation. I return to work tomorrow morning. Thankfully I’m feeling a lot better. For me Covid has been similar to a heavy cold as far a symptoms. I am left with a heavy cough and blocked nose but little else.

During the past 10 days the biggest issue was the extreme exhaustion I suffered in the middle of the ten days. It was probably worst on Monday (Day 7) when I honestly felt worse than at any time during my Chemotherapy for Myeloma.

The other issue is a slight breathlessness. I generally found this worse at night when lying in bed. I recall focussing on my breathing and realised that I was gulping air every few minutes. My mind began to wander as it does, I think I got a bit paranoid and more agitated. A few arrow prayers and thankfully I got things under control.

I generally haven’t slept well – though this may be more due to longer term health issues than the Covid, although it did not help. It has been good to rest in the mornings and not have to rush in to work at 7:30am. Nonetheless it’s been a bit weird being home mid-term.

The past few days I have done a limited amount of work from home in preparation for tomorrow. I am sure I will be tired tomorrow night. At least I’ve got the weekend to recover!

Today I had my Renal consultation which I have twice a year. This was done by phone due to isolation. There will be more news on this in a future post.