Helping Out At Home

Here in the UK you are currently required to self-isolate for 10 days following a positive Covid Diagnosis. I am now on Day 5. The halfway point. I’m starting to feel better overall.

Those isolating in England are phoned regularly by someone in Track and Trace – I have been phoned three times. These calls were to check my location and ask how I was feeling. However one of the calls was different.

In this call I was asked to participate in a trial of new Covid Testing Kits. I agreed to do this and was promptly send through the post a testing kit.

This consisted of three separate tests. Each one contained a swap, a pad and a chemical in a sample tube.

The process is exactly the same as the LFT or PCR Tests involving swabs of the back of the throat and in two cases the nose. I’m not a great fan of the throat swabs, but in the cause of scientific research I give it a go.

However, I draw the line at doing the additional antibody test – this involves taking a quantity of blood via a lancet. These tests aren’t obligatory and I have already had an antibody test at hospital.

All of the samples are packed in sealed bags and packaged up ready for courier collection. The big green label indicates I’m Covid positive. Results are anonymised and so I will never know the results, but hopefully it will help future testing.

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