Pressure Tactics

One of the side effects of Myeloma is Kidney Disease and one of the results of poor kidney function is high blood pressure.

Although the Myeloma has remained in remission, my kidney function has remained low and since May (when I was briefly in hospital) my kidney function has been much less than in previous years.

Consequently my blood pressure has got very high. Someone with CKD will have higher blood pressure than a normal adult. Mine has been getting increasingly high over recent months peaking at approximately 200/90 in late August.

High Blood pressure is risky with damage to blood vessels and risk of heart attacks or strokes so it need to be controlled.

So finally over the summer I was put on Blood Pressure Medication. One of the issues is the need for a kidney friendly medication – in my case this is Amlodipine. Initially a 5mg dose which has been raised to 10mg.

This is having a slight impact on blood pressure which has reduced to approx 170 / 80 when last measured.

Hopefully this trend will continue!

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