I’ve got the Big ‘C’ ….. but not that one!

The diagnosis came through this afternoon. After months of keeping clear of it I have tested positive.

Positive for Covid. I think it was inevitable – working in a secondary school in England, where we have few restrictions means that Covid is spreading. Schools are the new hotbed of disease and I encounter hundreds of students every day. Luckily I’ve been double jabbed but that only affects the severity of the disease and doesn’t limit the chances of catching it.

It all started on Monday with a sore throat. Lateral Flow Test proved negative – I thought I’d caught a cold. By Monday evening symptoms were getting worse. I tried to book a PCR test (a more robust test) at the local test centre but couldn’t get one. A second LFT (taken at home) was negative and I went to bed early.

After a restless night I woke up worse and phoned in sick. Arranging a PCR test for late morning.

A short drive to a car park in the centre of town, which has been the Covid Test Centre for the past year or so, and a drive through testing bay.

The test itself consisted of a swab taken from the back of the throat and then each nostril. Over and done with in less than 5 mins I returned home.

Twenty Fours hours pass and I definitely feel like I have the flu. Thankfully my taste and smell remain unaffected. I have a slight temperature and a bit of a cough. But so far little else beyond that of a heavy cold / flu. I get the text requiring me to self isolate for 10 days as I have tested positive for Coronavirus. Plenty of Beecham’s / Paracetamol and lots of school lessons to prepare for, then lots of rest, but also an opportunity to update the blog – I’ll keep you posted!

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