Batteries Drained

I can’t remember when I last felt this tired. No energy at all and I haven’t really done anything today. This Covid-19 is no joke!

Having been double jabbed these are no doubt reduced symptoms- more like flu. However, the extreme fatigue is not pleasant. I still have smell and taste, otherwise the cough has subsided a little although I’m probably breathing more deeply than usual, I am not overly concerned. Just need to rest.

My only chore is the need to send in cover work for my classes (most of which are preprepared) which takes about an hour each day. If I can get ahead of myself I can get two or three days in advance. The life of a teacher!

2 thoughts on “Batteries Drained

  1. So sorry you’re feeling so tired, bro. Must be tough 😞 Prayers for your full recovery and that you can get ahead with the work you’re planning. 🙏


  2. Pre mass vaccinations – Last December, after hiding away all year I caught Covid from my son who was in my bubble and also a teacher. he was ill for a few days but recovered quickly. I had a short hospital stay and took a long time to recover, sleeping through most of it, eventually I was diagnosed with Long Covid. Today I feel well but I become breathless easily and still have muscle aches.

    I agree with you, it is a really shocking disease. I’m sorry you have this, especially after all you’ve been through already.

    All the very best for a speedy recovery, Graham


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