Back To Work

The Alexa speaker alarm goes off. It is 5:45am, in my usual workday routine I will listen to the radio (UCB1) whilst coming round and jump into the shower by 6:45am. Downstairs to eat breakfast and make lunch whilst listening to Radio 4, before leaving the house at 7:30am. It takes 25 mins to drive to work and I need to be on site before the car park fills up at 8am

This morning I wake up exhausted. It was as if I had not slept. I had slept, but fitfully. I did not feel 100%. It is like I had been run over by a bus. I contemplate staying home for another day. In the end I decide that I need to get up and give it a go. It isn’t an easy decision but I rationalise that getting back into the swing of things might be better. I work as a teacher, not the most forgiving profession when you are not fully fit, but luckily at this time of year the timetable has lightened (with the exam groups- Yr 11 & 13 having gone) and with other year groups doing their own end of year tests my Tuesday timetable is quite light today.

I arrive slightly later than the usual 8am and enter the staff room. Several colleagues enquire how I am. News of my hospital stay has travelled. I am honest and say I am giving this a go. I apparently don’t look well.

Lessons start and I go to teach a group of Year 7. I am an experienced teacher of over 30 years. Once I get into the lesson, it is normality. The issues of the past few days fade and I get on with teaching the students some of the Photoshop techniques I need them to use in the lesson activity. The rest of the day flows by and though I am tired I get on with things, marking the Year 10 exams, my students completed yesterday during my ‘free’ periods. Supervising a different Year 10 as they revise for a different exam.

I have taken things easy today. The past four days were a physical and mental strain and hopefully as the week wears on the normality will overcome the fatigue that has resulted.

3 thoughts on “Back To Work

  1. Well done Graham! You’ve been on an emotional roller coaster which is very tiring. But you battled & came through!


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