New Beginnings

Today is my birthday and just as the year has turned, the turning of my age marks a new beginning.

In other ways too it’s a new beginning as this morning I have met with my new consultant in MK having transferred from Lincoln. They plan to monitor me monthly for the time being – the doctor seemed cautious though pleased with my progress thus far.

The new year has seen a steady improvement as I shook off the effect of the chest infection which blighted Christmas. My hair is growing back though it still has a way to go, and I have a healthy beard. Even so I remain very tired much of the time and have now been signed off work until the end of February. I need to start planning for work again but need to get myself fit to do so. The days are morphing into one and I need to start doing some things, but there’s a balance.

I have grown accustomed to the warm tropical birthdays of the past three years, so this cold dark dank Northern Hemisphere January is less pleasant. Nonetheless today is a day of celebration- there were times early on when I wondered if I would reach this day, but reach it I have and I’m hoping that the next year will be a time of moving on with life.

9 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Happy Birthday Graham! Here’s to the start of a new era and new opportunities opening up for you when you’ve regained your strength & energy. May 2018 be happy healthy & fulfilling for you!

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  2. Well done, bro. This is a positive post and has been very well written. I’m so proud of you. Take care and every best wish for your continued healing and strength. 😊

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