Christmas Cold

It had to happen eventually. I rather wish it hadn’t happened at Christmas.

In recent weeks I’ve been getting ready for the festivities. Present and food shopping and decorating the house. Making use of the extra time I have this year as I continue to recover from the effects of the chemotherapy.

In the last fortnight I had felt I had more energy and was looking forward to Christmas Day with the family. I had the dinner planned – the usual fayre (Turkey of course, ham in Coca Cola, mulled red cabbage, brussels etc).

Then two days before Christmas it struck. It started with the sorest throat imaginable and then progressed to a chest cough. I was warned that in my condition I should expect to be greatly affected by any viral infection and so it was. I had a raging temperature and spent much of Saturday and Sunday resting with very little appetite, no little nausea, generally rough. To make matters worse I wasn’t sleeping.

Christmas Day came and I had to turn over the cooking duties to my wife, son and mum. I ate a small amount of dinner in the end (my first proper meal in two days). As the evening wore on I began to feel a little better. Finally after a good nights sleep I awoke on this Boxing Day feeling rested and a bit more normal. I’ve still got a heavy cold but I’ve broken the back of it. I’ve still got to take things easy, at least I didn’t have to pay a visit to A&E.

In spite of my ills I had a good Christmas Day with the family. It was great to spend time with them.

Wherever and however you spent Christmas Day I hope it was a good one too.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Cold

  1. Oh, I well remember Christmas three years ago, when quite unusually, we had ALL the family up. And then we both collapsed with a horrible ‘flu on Christmas Eve and were both ill for three weeks. And we weren’t even recovering from chemotherapy. So you have our heartfelt sympathy. And it sounds as though, underneath it all, you were able to get some enjoyment from the day. Have a a good Rest Of Christmas and hope the new year brings better times.

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