One Last Time

Having moved back to MK at the beginning of December, I am now registered at a local GP and have an appointment in the New Year for a consultation in MK General Hospital. However, this morning I am back in Clinic 7 at Lincoln County Hospital for one last appointment. This scheduled appointment is really the hand over meeting to ensure I am being checked up upon prior to the move of hospital. It seems strange to be here for the last time. Lincoln County Hospital and my consultant (Who I’ll refer to as Dr K) have been part of my treatment from almost the word go. I have greatly appreciated the care and support this place has given me these 9 months. The urgent admission back in April, the three week stay, the ongoing Valcade injections throughout May, June and July, the follow up appointments before and after the stem cell treatment in Nottingham. Dr K has always been professional but caring with a good sense of humour and practical advice. It is well known in this blog that I have been far from happy with the support from the Renal team here, but Haematology have been excellent throughout. I can only hope that MK will live up to the standards of Lincoln.

As ever my appointment starts with bloods and the ubiquitous needle in the vein on my arm. It’s now so regular I’ve become blasé about it. Even so it’s a nasty sting this morning. Whether or not the bloods will be ready in time for my consultation is debatable, otherwise the results could be meaningless.

As expected bloods aren’t ready but will be forwarded to MK. My discussions with Dr K cover various topics including hair loss and its eventual return (some time in the next month or so), when I can visit the Dentist (some time in the latter half of January), my sick note (which was extended to the end of January after which I can start ton return to work, which in my case means applying for a job of some sort initially part time), my new appointments in MK and the need to engage Renal there too, the need for Hepatitis B and flu jabs.

After 10 minutes or so the meeting was over, the end of an era. On to the next phase, a New Year and a new consultant and hopefully a much more positive 2018.


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  1. Out with the old; on with the new! I do wish you a New Year full of new opportunities and experiences and, above all, good health. Forgetting what is behind and pressing on towards a new future!

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  2. A men, bro. Yes, a much more positive 2018. It’s testament to your faith and determination though with how well you’ve coped these past 8 months. Well done! We will continue to pray. And here’s to a much more positive 2018.

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  3. Warmest wishes for 2018, a new home, a new hospital and hopefully a new job. Well done for retaining such a positive frame of mind throughout these last few months. Thank you also for keeping this diary of events and allowing the rest us to share with you.

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