Time Waster

Today was a bit of an anti-climax. I was scheduled to visit the Renal department at Lincoln County Hospital to look at the options for dialysis, should the need arise. Though this is something I am hoping will not happen I nonetheless thought it best to be informed.

I arrived at 9.40 and was seen by the nurses , blood pressure and weight were taken and I then went back to the waiting area. After another 10 minutes I was called to see the doctor, for what turned out to be a 5 minute chat. It seems that since I am about to move region (to MK) they felt it not worth going through the procedures since it might be different elsewhere. However I did need a Hepatitis B vaccination, which would occur today. I was given a prescription to collect from pharmacy, but told to wait whilst they contacted the person who would administer the vaccination.

Half an hour went by and the nurse spoke to me to tell me that they were trying to contact the person required to administer the vaccination, without success. I waited a further half an hour only to be told that they were unable to arrange the vaccination for today after all and the consultant was very angry with the other parties, but unable to secure the vaccination. This would need to be done in MK once I had been put in contact with the renal department there.

All in all a waste of time. I headed out and into town for a little bit of shopping, determined not to make the day a complete waste of time. I shall be glad to move away from the Renal team here in Lincoln, with whom I have been unimpressed throughout (unlike Haematology who have been great!).

6 thoughts on “Time Waster

  1. So sorry to hear about how poor the service has been with Renal. It really is disappointing. Well done for having the view that you have and to go and do a bit of shopping. That shows real character. If only all departments were as good as haematology.

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  2. I understand the annoyance!!
    Sometimes I get annoyed when the hospitals can’t communicate delays. How hard is it to tell the waiting room “there is a half hour delay” so I can disappear to get a brew? Or, can I hang around to see Dr X, but Dr X keeps me sat there over 2 hours before leaving without talking to me……… I understand the concept of being an annoyed patient!

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