Still Here!

It has been a fortnight since I left hospital and for now I remain in Lincoln. The plan however is to return to MK at the weekend and transfer medically to that region. Life has been somewhat mundane and little has happened. Time has blurred. I have been on several walks in the local nature reserves of Hartsholme/Swanpool and Whisby.  Otherwise Anita has been up to visit two of the three weekends, and I have met up with friends locally on a couple of occasions.

The itching has subsided, thanks to some Piriton and itch relief cream which has been a great relief.

Tomorrow, I have an appointment with the Renal department in Lincoln. Although I plan to move away from here for further treatment, indeed I am hoping I won’t need any renal treatment at all, it is an opportunity to find out more about possible treatments should it come to it.

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