So Irritating

It’s just over a week since I was released from hospital. It has been great to be out. After the excitement of the trip to A&E last weekend the rest of the week was uneventful as my temperature returned to normal.

On Thursday I visited my consultant back in Lincoln. She was very pleased with my progress. My potassium, calcium and phosphate levels are back to normal, as are my blood counts. My neutrophils are normal (anything above 2 is good and mine were 4.8) and red blood count was good too. As far as the Myeloma is concerned I am in remission.

On Friday the stitches were removed from where my Hickman Line had been. The wound is healing well.

My kidney function remains stable, though the creatinine levels remain higher than ideal and the GFR is low. The main thing is that it is getting no worse and has not been affected by the chemotherapy which was a fear.

The weather has been good and this has allowed me to take some walks in the local woodland and enjoy the colours of Autumn. Something I have not seen for three years.

So why the title, given all this positivity?

I am sure you have had times where you have had an itch somewhere which needs a good old scratch. After a few minutes  it disappears. Imagine a situation where it does not. Imagine itches which cover your torso from neck to groin. front and back, under your arms and on your hands and the backs of your arms, across your forehead and over your head. These come and go but are ever present somewhere. This is how things are at the moment. I am itchy all the time. The best feeling is stepping into a hot power shower and using the water to scratch the itch.

It seems from reading, that this is a side effect of the chemotherapy. The toxins in the body are causing the irritation. It seems that this is a common issue. I will need to see a doctor and try and get some remedy. For now I am applying some creams to reduce the itching, though none have been that successful.

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  1. So pleased you are progressing so well and able to get out in the fresh air to enjoy those beautiful Autumn colours (one compensation for being off sick)! Beautiful photos! Have you tried ‘E45 Itch’ cream? – must be marked ‘Itch’ not plain old E45. Hope life becomes less irritating for you soon and you can stop scratching around for what you want!! (relief)!

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