Changing Tastes

One of the strangest outcomes of my recent chemotherapy is the effect upon my appetite and tastes. This maybe partly due to the hospital food, which was not particularly appetising. However, during my most neutropenic period I lost all desire for food. One of the effects of the Melphalan is to strip the lining of the Oesophagus and Gut making the mouth sore and leading to gastroenteritis.

Once my stem cells started to grow and the lining was replenished my appetite returned. However, my stomach is still delicate. The amount of food I can eat before being full is much less. In fact on a couple of occasions I have become so bloated this has led to nausea. I am adjusting to eating less. This is certainly a positive as it will hopefully help me shed a a few kilos in time.

The other change has been in the food I want to eat. This started in hospital. My desire for meat has been much reduced. I am not inclined to eat beef or lamb, especially minced. Chicken is more appealing, though in small quantities. Pork has been fine and there is no reduction in my love of bacon or sausages or pork pie. Other than this a fresh salad is appealing (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pepper, carrot), egg is not. Fruit is still very much wanted. Other than that plain deserts like yoghurt, ice cream and rice pudding are fine.

How much of this is psychological and how much physiological I am unsure. I have no doubt things will change over time but for now I need to keep my stomach happy.

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  1. Food preferences noted for when you come & visit us. Roll on the day when you are fit and well again & feel like travelling again!

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