A Trip to A&E

It had been a good day. Anita and my daughter had been up to visit and we’d had a nice walk around Whisby Nature Reserve. I was feeling tired but good. Glad to be out.

At about 8pm I began to feel nauseous and sadly emptied my stomach. Taking my temperature, it was 38.3°C. I decided at that point to get to bed. I slept well for a couple of hours but needing the toilet I woke just before 11pm. My temp was 38.5°C, then 38.3°C then 38°C. Going down a little but not fast enough. Time to phone the emergency help line. Speaking to a nurse in Nottingham I was asked a few questions and then a few minutes later phoned back and told to head to A&E at the local hospital. Having been a patient at Lincoln County Hospital, I thought it wise to also speak to Waddington Unit, the Haematology Ward. As they have an infection on the ward they could do nothing but again advised A&E.

Knowing that Saturday Night on A&E Was going to be busy and full of a whole range of people I reluctantly headed into town, Mum at the wheel. By now my temp was 37.7°C but they wanted bloods taken to check out my situation.

As expected A&E was crowded. A mix of sick children and adults one with a very bloody hand, legacy of a drunken brawl?

I queued at reception and gave my details and back history. I was ordered to remove my hat, coat and sweater and told to sit down. I did express concern about being in a bug filled environment and thankfully within a few minutes I was put into a side room to await the nurse.

After a few minutes a nurse arrived and took my obs. my temp was 36.5°C, we talked a bit about my back history and she said she needed to get some blood via cannula. Twenty minutes on and blood were taken and cannula inserted. The results would take an hour or so in the meantime I awaited the doctor.

An hour passed and eventually the doctor arrived. Bloods showed little change though creatinine was raised and neutrophils were down a little. She asked the same questions and did an examination (breathing, stomach, legs) and took blood for culture. She was quite keen to admit me into hospital. The last thing I wanted to hear. She needs to consult with a colleague. Five minutes later she returns. Good News I don’t need to be admitted. The cannula is removed and we head home at 3am. A busy night over!

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  1. So pleased you didn’t need to be admitted, bro. Well done for coping with A&E too. Rest as much as you can. Prayers that the temperature stays where it should be and levels where you need them too.

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