Why Lincoln?

I was released from hospital a day earlier than expected and given transport back to Lincoln. It is here I will be staying for the coming few weeks as I recuperate. Lincoln is my family home. It is also the UK hospital where I was first diagnosed and treated for Myeloma. When my wife (Anita)  and daughter  returned to the UK in  July, we decided that wherever she was able to get a job, I would complete my treatment here in Lincoln. So when in August she got her old job back in Milton Keynes, we knew that there would be a time of separation at the end of the process. I was lucky enough to live back in MK throughout September and October, before being admitted into Nottingham City Hospital.

Now for the next few weeks I am back at Mum’s. Here I am close to hospital and any follow up appointments I need. Also near to my Doctors (Health Centre), which remains in Lincoln for the time being. Another benefit is that unlike Anita mum is around in the day should there be any issues. I also have access to a car here. I envisage being here throughout November and will hopefully make the move to MK in December at which point I will transfer medically also.

My neutrophils at last count were up to 5, making me only slightly neutropenic I still plan to avoid crowds for the time being, but hopefully will use this period to start to get out a bit. I plan to do some walks in the local nature reserve. I am feeling good, if a little tired so don’t plan to push things too much. My upper chest is a little sore where they operated yesterday, but I expect the pain to diminish as the days pass and healing occurs. Nothing that a little paracetamol doesn’t cure.

There will probably be a few less blog posts in the coming days as I adjust to a more mundane way of life. Thanks to all of you for your positive comments and advice in recent weeks, they are really appreciated.

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