It was quite a surprise to be visited by the Professor (senior consultant) this morning and told I was leaving today. All week long the plan has been that Anita would pick me up Saturday and take me to Mum’s in Lincoln. This had been agreed with doctors and nurses. I want to leave but to be told that I was leaving with a few hours notice was a bit annoying, since it inevitably inconvenienced others. They had arranged transport to get me back and would also arrange an operation to remove my Hickman Line before I left. This was also a change of plan as originally the Prof himself had suggested it be removed later on. It seems that this man is the sort that acts like god and his decisions are final. Not that I am unhappy to be leaving, just the manner of decision making which gave me little notice.

A couple of hours later two doctors came to my room to perform the operation to remove my Hickman Line. One doctor anaesthetised the skin and then proceeded to excise the skin around my Line. The Line is held in by a cuff which bonds to the skin. It took a long time and both doctors to fully excise the cuff and part of the line which had merged with my skin. Then within seconds the Line was removed. Apparently the place where the Hickman Line enters the vein immediately seals and does not require a stitch. However, the exit wound was stitched and dressed. It took about 50 mins in total and I was left to wait for my pickup.

Just before 3pm my transport arrived and by 4pm I was back in Lincoln a day earlier than expected. It’s good to be out.

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  1. I do so understand the inconvenience of a change of plans, but oh so lovely for you to finally be home. Well, at mum’s. Isn’t it strange how you miss the hustle and bustle of the hospital routines. Home seems extra quiet, but I don’t doubt you’ll enjoy a wonderful night of undisturbed rest. 🙂

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  2. So d lighted you’re out, bro but I can understand the inconvenience with so many last minute changes necessary from what you’d been told. Have a good rest this evening and blessings to you. Take care

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  3. So pleased to know you’ve been released! Up up & away! Bring on the rest of your life! Yes there will be challenges ahead but you’ve scaled the big mountain & can enjoy being looked after by mum & not feel guilty for just ”being’ for a while. That heeavy door has closed. A new era lies ahead. Enjoy the view, make plans & dream!

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