The featured image shows my room from the outside. The long thin widows nearest to the grey tiled building are mine.

As my neutrophils have continued to rise up to 0.6 at last count. The engrafted stem cells developing into neutrophils, red blood cells and platelets among other things. I have also had GCSF injections to promote stem cell growth.

However, not all of my blood is developing at the same pace or rather at the required pace in order to replace those lost to the chemotherapy.

This has entailed a couple of transfusions, firstly platelets on Saturday which involved half an hour connected to a drip as they flowed in under gravity, followed by a three hour transfusion of red blood cells last night. As someone who has always been squeamish about blood and consequently avoided blood donation it was quite a thing to be connected up to a bag of blood. I am so much less squeamish than I used to be which must be a good thing, I am obviously grateful to who ever gave up their blood at a donation session which enabled me to have this treatment.

In both treatments I needed this be closely observed in case of any allergic reaction. This involved taking my temperature and blood pressure at start, 15 minutes in and at end of transfusion,

The Renal consultant saw me last night to talk through my progress and is happy with how I was doing. There is no immediate need for dialysis, but this will need to be monitored in the coming months. Even so there is no urgency. Phosphate levels are back down (good), potassium levels are stable as are creatinine. Calcium levels are still a little low (bad) and so I remain on tablets.

On other fronts it was good to see Mum and my brother yesterday. Nice to catch up and chew over the events of the day.

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