For the Chop

In just three days I have lost most of my hair. The speed of this had perhaps been the most surprising thing to have happened in the whole treatment process.





Though it will eventually grow back, there will be a substantial period of baldness or partial baldness for as much as three months. I have made a choice to shave it all off rather than live with whispy remains. So my wife has come with clippers to do the deed. Since hair loss could occur anywhere I have also shaved the beard off too.

After a few minutes with the clippers the remaining follicles have been stripped and here is my new look.

It’s gonna be a bit cold up top so a hat is going to be vital. A Merino wool beanie is the best option as it does not itch and is both light weight and warm (even when wet).

9 thoughts on “For the Chop

  1. My daughter found the loss of eyebrows and lashes harder to bear. On the other hand, she got herself some new eyebrows in the form of temporary tattoos, which worked really well. Not a frightfully masculine option, I guess!

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  2. What an experience! When I was diagnosed with cancer I resolved to get a bright red wig. But I did not have chemo so did not loose my hair and did not get a red wig. Your beanie or toque as we call them in Canada, looks pretty good. Stylish actually!

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