Night Light

Could you sleep in a room which was as brightly lit as this?

I imagine not. Yet this is what I’m supposed to do tonight. Some bright spark electrician decided to ‘fix’ the lighting this afternoon, The result, one of my lights does not go off. In truth that’s not completely true. It does go off after about an hour if you don’t move a muscle and no one comes into the room. If you so much as turn over in bed the light switches on and stays on for an hour – it’s intolerable. The engineer initially says it’s impossible to fix, it’s computerised. Finally though at 1am they are able to isolate the room lights. I’m afraid I was a stroppy patient this evening.

Time to sleep!

6 thoughts on “Night Light

  1. That is waaaaay to bright! If it was me I would ask for a mask if the light could not be fixed. And…you have a right to be a stroppy patient. My last time in hospital this past summer, for something far less serious than what you are going through, I told the night nurse that if they did not change something I was going to walk myself down to the psych ward in the morning. She gave me an odd look but I think she believed me.


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