The doctor came to see me this morning. My white blood cells on the way up, having been 0.1 for days it is now up to 0.2. This is a small change but the pattern is usually exponential and can be expected to rise rapidly in the next 48 hours . They are even suggesting I might be out by mid-week. The decision as to when or whether I am allowed out depends on :

  • The amount of neutrophils (one type of white blood cell), which have to be 0.5 by themselves.
  • My temp which is still 37°C + whilst on antibiotics. This temp needs to be lower without antibiotics.
  • The results of blood cultures taken on Friday night.

I am feeling a lot better today. My kidney has held up well and they reckon it will remain stable. If it was going to be affected it would have been by now. All in all Doctor is positive about progress. So it’s onward and upward.

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  1. Such good news Graham and sounds positive. Praying that everything will work out and you will get home soon. You are taking all this with such bravery and courage, an amazing inspiration!

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