Hot and Cold

As I reach the bottom of the neutropenia curve, I am experiencing temperature fluctuations. Although generally I feel cold I have actually had a temperature of 38°C or above on a couple of occasions in the past two nights. This has required urgent action.

Last night at 1am I was having blood extracted for culture from both arm and Hickman Line. They gave me a paracetamol infusion followed by antibiotics. The temperature came down quickly. This morning I woke up shivery and the temp was up to 38.4°C. More antibiotics and paracetamol. Again the temp came down. The rest of the day I remained on the cold side. In the afternoon they brought a portable X-ray machine into the room and carried out a chest scan. The enormous machine was wheeled in and in 5 mins it was done. For now I remain on a fluid drip as the doctors try and work out the cause.

It was nice to see the family today, my son up from University and the Birthday girls (wife and daughter) spent three hours or so. It was great to see them.

We enjoyed a couple of rounds of Mah Jong which was a nice distraction.

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  1. Praying you will have a peaceful sleep and symptoms will improve over night! So thrilled you had such good family time together 🙂

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