Pent Neb

It’s time to don the Darth Vader look again. Today I am being given a Pent Neb (short for pentamidine nebuliser). This is a standard precaution following stem cell transplants.

The first part of the process involves Salbutamol a drug which open up the airwaves. This lasts about 15 minutes or so.

This is followed by the Pent Neb, which lasts half an hour. The purpose is to prevent serious lung infection called PCP (a type of pneumonia) and is given to all patients following stem cell treatment. It lasts half an hour, but due to the risk of the chemical to young women of pregnancy age I must remain isolated for an hour. No visitors are allowed in that time.

6 thoughts on “Pent Neb

  1. Thank you for giving us all this information in your blogs Graham, it really has opened my eyes to all the complicated details of your process. I think you are such an inspiration!

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  2. Is there I wonder anywhere that hasn’t…..had something taken out……..something injected in……and the new look is very fetching. You are amazing the way you have rolled with it all. Xx

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