Day 0/1

Today has been busy, after a quieter morning. I managed to get reasonable sleep in spite of regular trips to the loo, due to the diuretics. They were worried I was retaining too much water, but the body is a complex organism and getting the balance is difficult.

In recent days they have increased my potassium ahead of the stem cell treatment, then had concerns at my potassium levels and putting me on a Renal diet. Today they are concerned that my calcium levels are too low and there is a need to boost these through medication. I was hooked up to an ECG for a short while.

As far as water goes I was put on diuretics and told to restrict water. However, today I have been dehydrated, so much so I could not operate the fingerprint reader on the phone I am using to write this blog. So more water to be drunk and no diuretics.

Getting the balance between water retention and dehydration is tricky with my kidney playing up.

I has the remaining stem cells inserted early this afternoon – so far apart form a little light headedness no symptoms – and this may be due to the other issues mentioned above. For this reason today is zero/one.

To top it all the temporary fillings fitted earlier this year have fallen out and I have gaping holes in my molars. The advice is to leave alone for now as the risk of infection is greater with a dentist’s fingers in my mouth. Plenty of mouthwash and care with eating for now.

I have been seen by a Renal consultant and Haematology consultants today. All are happy with progress but needing to monitor me closely over the coming days.

All this has left me tired and hoping for a quieter weekend.

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