Day Zero – Part 2 (Update)

As ever things are slightly different to expectations. The general guide to this treatment quoted this morning is modified here in Nottingham.

  • The procedure itself will start at 4pm and not 3pm as originally written.
  • I will be given Piriton and Hydrocortisone to prevent any allergic reaction to the DMSO
  • The stem cells will be thawed before being brought up to the room
  • They will be delivered by drip not injection and the rate will vary depending on how much I can take.
  • There are 5 bags to deliver and because of this I will have 5 today and 2 tomorrow morning – so the procedure will take longer than anticipated. They originally thought there were only 2 bags!
  • I will be continually monitored by the nurse for temperature, back ache, dry / sore throat. Observations will be taken throughout.
  • I have been given more diuretic medicine to remove more water from my body.


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