Poison Remedy Playlist

A series of tracks from my iTunes on the theme of poison and remedy (incorporating pill disease and cure). It’s an eclectic mix ranging from the 80’s new wave bands ABC and Depeche Mode , alternative 80’s band The Cure (with a suitably titled song In Between Days as I’m between Chemotherapy and Stem Cell insertion), through to a 00’s album track  from Annie Lennox, pop from Nicole Scherzinger and Little Boots through to 10’s House Music from Fish Go Deep.

Poison Arrow – ABC

Bitter Pill  – Annie Lennox


Remedy – Little Boots


Poison – Nicole Scherzinger

Shake The Disease – Depeche Mode


In Between Days – The Cure


The Cure and the Cause – Fish Go Deep

2 thoughts on “Poison Remedy Playlist

  1. Must say I enjoyed ‘ Bitter pill’ by Annie Lennox. Hearing her voice reminded me of music played at a level ok for Uni not so in a domestic setting when you came down for the holidays. HaHa x

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