On My Way

The call came in at 2:15pm. Thankfully It didn’t go off this morning in church so at least I got to go.

I’m off to Nottingham. The day I have been waiting for for several months has come one day early.

It’s a two hour journey to Nottingham, but a bed is available and they want me in tonight. It remains to be seen exactly what shape the treatment will take over the next few days but at least we are at a point of decisions and actions.

I remain positive that this is the beginning of the end of my Myeloma treatment, just hoping the pesky kidney isn’t going to get in the way.

7 thoughts on “On My Way

  1. So very proud of how you have dealt with everything over the last months. We all need to pray this kidney
    Into submission it has ruled the roost for far too long. God bless you my love xx

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