New Norm

The ring of the alarm.

7 am

Morning comes too soon.

On a good night I’ve been up twice.

But sometimes thrice.

Early hours ablutions.

Within minutes they are up.

Wife an daughter.

Showers, hairdryers, dressed, breakfast out.

The hustle and bustle of a typical morning followed by


The house is quiet.

Maybe another hour in bed.

My own more leisurely rise.

Silent breakfast, cereal and fresh picked raspberries.

If I’m lucky!

There are chores.

Washing, tidying.

Sometimes shopping.

If I’ve got the car.

The world is different.

Shops and streets have different personnel.

The retired pensioners.

The young mums, toddlers in tow.

The unemployed and the disengaged.

Slowly ambling.

The business-suited professional.


Most days carless.

Home Alone.

Netflix box sets suffice.

Day time telly.

If I’m really pushed.

Communication limited.

On medical days.

Doctors and nurses.

Other times.


There are good days and bad days.

Sometimes tiredness overcomes.

Sometimes a little nauseous.

Kidney related.

Other days.

Full of energy.

A chance to walk by lake and wood.

Options to study.

Blogs to write.

Even so.

Never completely well.

So long since I’ve felt truly healthy.

No focus of work.

No lessons to plan.

No books to mark.

No intellectual chat.

It’s a time of waiting.

When will the next phase begin

On the road to recovery.

It’s a new world.

The new norm.

3 thoughts on “New Norm

  1. Waiting and inactivity is so hard when forced upon us and the way ahead is uncertain! Your blogs really tell it how it is! Enjoy the walks and relaxation on the good days; look forward to better days to come on the bad. I wonder what’s up ahead for you, Graham, when all this is past history? Watch this space! Keep looking up, with hope!

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  2. How well you have managed to capture the incredible change that has overtaken your daily life. Perhaps you should explore the ability to put pen and thoughts together ,maybe there is a career in the making, advertisers take note !!!!

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