Strange September

For years I have hated the first week of September- the return to work after the long summer break. The sudden imposition of schedules and meetings on what was free space.

It always started with INSET days. Staff Training Days ahead of the pupils return. Necessary but for those who prefer to be at the front of the classroom dictating the show, a little tedious. In more recent years of middle management there were my own departmental / faculty meetings to arrange. Detailed scrutiny of the (I)GCSE and A Level results, justification for those who performed less well, pride in those who had outshone expectations.

The first INSET days gave an opportunity to reflect and to plan for the year ahead, to meet new colleagues, to get the party line ahead of the pupils arrival in the days ahead. Whether in Milton Keynes, Thame or Mwanza the routine was similar.

I am seeing via social media my former colleagues starting back across the world from El Salvador and Mexico in the West through, UK, Netherlands, Russia and Romania; Tanzania and Kenya, the UAE right across to Thailand and Malaysia in the East. It’s so strange to feel separate from all of this, I was due to start in the Seychelles today, this future is passed .

For me this September is a strange one. There is no job to go back to, no meetings, no coffee breaks, no detailed scrutiny, no new colleagues. Most importantly I will get no more wage. This will be a tough few months. I just hope the New Year will put me in good enough health to start work somewhere doing something.

I can’t believe I am actually going to miss the start of term – a strange September indeed!

8 thoughts on “Strange September

  1. I can see that this will be your toughest September yet. However, for me September, often such a glorious month for weather, has always signified new beginnings, a clean sheet and so on, and it’s one of my favourite months. Now November, February ….they’re quite a different story.

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  2. Strange it must feel. Enjoy the Indian Summer we often get in September/October and look forward to new beginnings and challenges opening up when all your treatment is over. For now, try to relax and enjoy the moment – and spare a sympathetic thought for teachers everywhere for whom the pressure will now start building!

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  3. Gosh! I had to get up while it was still dark to do the commute to work! Urghh! But, I can understand how you must miss the ‘new’ beginning. Hope some worthwhile and wonderful job comes your way soon. xxx

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