Memory Tracks!

My time in England has thrown up all sorts of reunions not just of people but of places.

I chose to come to Lincoln as it was the family home and a good base while the family were in Tanzania.

Then we were offered a house in Milton Keynes and my wife got her old job back. Suddenly MK was no longer past but present.

My cancer treatment stared off in Lincoln but has shifted to Nottingham for phase 2.

If Lincoln is my childhood home and MK is my adult home then my student home is Nottingham the place I lived for four years in the mid-80s. It is strange to revisit this city after so long – unlike the other two I have rarely returned since.

Tonight another reunion of sorts as I get on the train from Nottingham to Lincoln – the same journey I would take whenever I returned home from University during those years. Memory Tracks!

In related news my stem cells have been collected and are ready to be frozen in time for my return to this city in October for the final phase of treatment. I can enjoy the rest of the week in Lincoln. It’s going to be a wait though as I missed the earlier train by just two minutes.

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