Near Death Experience

The image is of our new car which was parked on a straight piece of road facing oncoming traffic.

We had called in on our way back from a weekend away in Cheddar where we had bought our new car and after a day in Chichester with our son. We needed a place for me to have my injections and in order to drop off some items into our new house. On arrival we met our new to be landlords and friends where we chatted for a few minutes. It was while we were doing so we heard the most horrendous screeching sound and a loud bang. We ran outside to find our parked car had been shunted several metres off the road by a Ford Transit which had veered across onto our side of the road. The transit was severely damaged and the driver was very apologetic saying he’d lost momentary concentration. In truth one of us could easily have been unloading the vehicle at the time (were it not for our conversations). I think if we had been that person or persons could easily be dead. The vehicle moved so violently!

The next door neighbour had a newly fitted CCTV camera which captured the accident.

After the usual exchange of details and my wife waited for the cars to be towed away whilst we made our way back to Lincoln in the hire car in preparation for my Stem Cell extraction tomorrow. We await the decision as to whether the car is a write off or can be repaired. We hope for the former!

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