Having been overseas for three years and having no intention of returning to Britain, it has been quite a shock to the system to be back here. Now, as we adjust to the reality, we are in the process of rebuilding our UK lives.

Anita has secured her old job in Milton Keynes (in fact her old job on a temporary contract but with a possibility of greater permanence subject to interview). We have been offered a house to rent by friends in MK who are leaving, We move in on Friday. My daughter has enrolled in her new school for Sixth Form. Amazingly all this has fallen into place within a couple of months. This past fortnight we have been sourcing various bits of furniture and some great bargains. Today we purchased a car from a friend of one of our family in the West Country. The immense kindness of friends and familiar has touched us.

Against this backdrop my health remains relatively good and the treatment proceeds at a pace with stem cell extraction happening this week.

Sure I’d rather be in the Seychelles starting my new job, but we sense God’s hand in all of this. It remains to be seen how the next few months will unfold but I still remain positive. I’d like to hope I will be able to work again in the new year but we will wait and see.

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  1. You have all had to contend with so much in the last few months but you have been amazing! and such a testimony to Gods faithfulness!

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