In Between Days

Tomorrow I travel to Nottingham for the first part of the second phase of my cancer treatment. It’s now over a month since the end and of my chemotherapy, the first phase of my treatment.

It’s been great to spend much of the last five weeks away from the regular hospital appointments and consultations. The fact that it coincided with the return of my family from Tanzania has given us the opportunity to catch up. Much of the time had been spent in Milton Keynes where my wife had started work. Soon we will move into our own accommodation but for now we have been house sitting in Walnut Tree and Emerson Valley. By a strange coincidence these two estates are also the last two places we had a house before we left Milton Keynes in 2014. It’s been strange to live on these two estates again, especially Walnut Tree where we lived for 18 years.

My health has remained good in most areas though I still have broken sleep which leaves me tired in the day. My kidney function remains poor as far as I can tell and my foot sill swells up like a balloon. The neuropathy has diminished but there are sometimes sharp stabbing pains and occasional cramps. I am at last off the Warfarin tablets but still have a cocktail of pills (mostly kidney related) on a daily basis.

Tomorrow’s operation will insert a deep vein cannula into my chest to allow for the stem cell extraction. I also start a short course of G-CSF (Granulocyte colony stimulating factor) which will stimulate production of stem cells. These will be harvested from Tuesday next week.

Depending on how I feel I will post tomorrow or Friday about the Hickman Line and G-CSF. I will be honest I am not looking forward to the procedure. I have never been keen on blood so the thought of these processes make me a little uneasy, but needs must. Another hurdle on the way to recovery.

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  1. You are doing so well Graham! I’m sure spending time catching up with the family has been such a precious time. Will be praying for you tomorrow that it will not be as bad as you may fear!

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